Saturn Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic And Other Models – A Review

The Mechanism of Toyota Hybrid Cars And Other Vehicles

It is an undeniable fact that air pollution is largely caused by vehicle engine combustion. The burning of a petroleum-based fuel is the culprit behind dark fumes. Is this fact inescapable? Cars have been with us for more than a century and up until recently, fossil fuels were the only known way to supply power to a car since Karl Benz’s first engine propelled a vehicle. Yet, with hybrid engine technology, emissions can be reduced to almost zero.

There are two classifications of hybrid automobiles offered in the car market today. Foremost is the “series hybrid”. A “series hybrid” automobile is power-driven by battery-powered electric engine. However, a series hybrid car is also powered by a gas-motor. The gas motor energizes the car generator. In return, the car generator charges the electrical engine batteries.

During the whole period the car is running, the electric engine is constantly functioning as well. But as for the gas motor, an option to leave it on or off is dependent on the necessities of the hybrid car. Series hybrid vehicles are great for city traffic as they supply better fuel mileage.

The “parallel hybrid” is another classification of hybrid cars retailed in the car market today. It comes in the same gasoline-and-electric-engine package of the series hybrid. Both engines can function to run the transmission and run the hybrid vehicle. What makes the parallel different from the series is the utilization of the electric engine to amplify the parallel hybrid when there is a need to boost the speed of the car.  If series hybrids are for city traffic, parallel hybrids are better fitted for open highways.

Toyota Hybrid Cars

Toyota Auris HybridToyota hybrid cars are the most revered hybrid car models today. Its Prius is the top performing and touted as the best hybrid car in the US market, not the mention has the most reasonable price.

Aside from Prius, the pride of Toyota is its hybrid minivan, the Sierra hybrid and Estima hybrid. These minivans are the most sought after hybrid models since they are spacious and runs with a 4WD.

Honda Hybrid Cars

Honda Hybrid CarsHonda hybrid cars are also making waves with its Honda Civic hybrids. Hybrid Civic cars are gorgeous yet efficient, too. We all know that when it comes to the looks department, Civic is at the topmost. This is the reason why a large percentage of young professionals are considering Honda Civic hybrids among others.

If you are in the hunt for reasonably priced yet offers luxury, comfort and safety at the same time, Saturn hybrid cars are the perfect hybrids for you. It has a sleek look, with headlamps that will make you think of jewels. It’s a handsome car, less the price.

As for Ford, it has the new 2008 Escape and Mercury hybrids are still full-hybrids. These Ford hybrids can completely function on 100% electric power approximately at 30MPH. Thus, allowing hybrid drivers to save more on fuel consumption.  The 2008 Escape and Mercury hybrids can instantly changeover between complete electric power, complete gas, or even mixed power-driven to take full advantage of performance and fuel-efficiency.

Continuing Research on Hybrid Cars

We all know that the earth is getting more polluted every minute – the air that we breathe, water that we drink, and food that the eat – it seems like there is nothing pure or pristine anymore. The only thing we can do as a co-inhabitant of earth is to at least not be a source of pollution; we should, in fact, participate to the preservation of our home planet, the only home that we’ve got.

This “keeping the world green” concept is what has propelled car makers to create an efficient, cost effective, yet environment friendly vehicle that we can use. Thus, the birth of hybrid cars.

Today, big names in the car industry continues their research, studies, tests and creation of hybrid prototypes so as to perfect the hybrid technology that has been started already. We can therefore expect in the future a vehicle that will be totally independent from fossil fuel.

When such a time arrives, hybrid cars, as exemplified by Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and the Saturn hybrid, will be the conventional mode of transport. And as for our dirty, smoke emitting cars, they will, in turn, form part of history.

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