New Cars versus Used Cars

Anyone who has ever shopped for a car has doubtlessly been faced with a great question…. Buy new, or buy used? Each forte has it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both will get you a car to drive… but each will help you out in their own particular ways as well. So, here are some things to remember for next time you go car shopping. Hopefully you can take these tips and apply them… thereby saving you money, or maybe time, or maybe even both!

First off, what are the advantages to buying a new car? Well, there are several right off. First, it is usually under warranty. You will save a lot of money if it breaks down or turn out defective, because the dealer generally covers it from bumper to bumper for awhile. Also, you know that you are the first owner… it has never been in an accident or anything. You get a brand new paint job, a brand new interior, and that new car smell. But the disadvantages? Well, you pay for them… with money. Also, if you need to be financed, you need to have good credit.

used cars vs new carsA used car might not be covered by a warranty (though they are sometimes if you buy them from a lot…). Nor will it be brand new. However, you save a ton of money by buying  a car that is even just a couple years old. Why? Because driving a new car off of the lot automatically reduces it’s value exponentially. So, while resale is not as good on a used car, you can often get into one at an affordable price.

Both have their ups and downs. So, just make sure that you choose the one that fits your needs, budget, and wants.

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