If You Can’t Be With the Car You Love, Love the Car You’re With

Ask anyone who’s actually worked with a billionaire or even a merely vastly wealthy multimillionaire: they didn’t get that way by wasting their money.  Sometimes, they are downright chintzy. You’d be surprised.

On the other hand, we know people who feel the need to purchase a new car every few years, never mind that merely means they will stay forever in debt to finance companies. These people will never be rich.

On the other, other hand, however, if you have a good job and are climbing the financial ladder, there’s no reason you should drive a poorly running junker. Sometimes, the best option is to avoid a new car purchase but to start purchasing items that will make your car run better and more enjoyably.

loving the car
Fortunately there are a host of fine aftermarket parts and other purchases that can really make your ride seems as luxurious as a Lexus or Mercedes fresh off the assembly line. New paint jobs, high end hubcaps, first rate tires, top of the line air suspension for cars, even a new stereo can transform your relatively plebeian car from the turn of the 21st century into the envy of all who see it. It’s much cheaper to keep your car in perfect repair, follow all the maintenance instruction of the manufacture and then some, and keep your car in near-perfect aesthetic trim than buying the latest high end auto,

Of course, you will eventually need to buy a new car. Unless you are a classic car enthusiast, there comes a time when even the nicest, most well built auto is simply no longer a good idea. There may also come a time when an older car needs so many expensive repairs it no longer makes any kind of financial sense to hang on to it.

Even then, however, don’t expect that you’re going to necessarily be able to buy the car of your absolute dreams. Consider buying a less pricey car that you will enjoy customizing later, if finances permit. You can always buy superb the items that will make your car fun better, from performance chips to high-end air suspension for cars, later on. All good things come to those who wait (and plan).

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