The Dangers and Problems of Smoking inside Your Car

In the UK, a recent law has banned smoking in cars if children are in the vehicle. However, there are many dangers and problems concerned with smoking inside your car, and it is surprising that the authorities have not taking more precautions in order to eliminate these. Here are some of the issues which can arise with smoking inside your car.


  1. Distractions while driving

Distractions while driving, whether it’s your food, your friends or your cigarette, are one of the main causes of accidents and deaths on the road. The Highway Code advises against smoking inside your car, whether it’s a regular cigarette or e-cigarette, since your full attention is not being focused on the road ahead and the road users around you.

  1. Freak accidents

Experts say that if you’re going to smoke inside your car, e-cigarettes are a much better alternative to regular cigarettes. This is because if you accidentally drop your e-cigarette or encounter any other problems while driving, there won’t be any flames caused as a result. Dropping a regular cigarette onto the seats of your car, whether in a collision or through an accident, could cause your entire car to set on fire, and you might not be lucky enough to put it out in time.

  1. Second-hand smoke

The problem with smoking when other people are around is that they will consume the second-hand smoke which you are breathing out. Even if you don’t have children in your car, you need to think about other passengers who might be travelling with you. The smell of the smoke from regular cigarettes can also be very unpleasant for those around you. E zigaretten are a good substitute, since they don’t have the same smell and you aren’t breathing out toxic smoke.

  1. Your car

Smoking inside your car can really bring down the overall value of your vehicle. It will make the car stink of smoke, and you may even discover small burns as a result of the ash which has been dropped inside your car. If you buy a new car and you have plans to possibly sell it on in the future, the best thing to do is to refrain from smoking regular cigarettes inside your car. E-cigarette are totally different, since they won’t leave a smell which repulses potential buyers of your car in the future!

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