How to Buy Equipment Trailers

Are you thinking about purchasing equipment trailers but are not certain which model to buy?  As you probably know, choosing a trailer these days can be at times overwhelming.  It is not surprising when you see the amount of trailer manufactures and the different types of equipment trailers that are available.

Factors to be Considered

There are many factors that need to be considered when buying equipment trailers. One of the first things to consider is who the leading trailer manufacturers are. As with most everything, you usually get what you pay for, so try to pick the best trailer that you are able to afford.

What Type of Trailer

Deciding on what type of trailer you need to know what equipment you will be carrying and for what application, as this will help narrow down the manufacturers. If the truth be known, there are equipment trailers for almost every type of equipment. If you have to haul it, there is a trailer made to haul it or at least one that can very easily be converted to do the job.

Equipment Trailers

Size Trailers

You will need to figure out what size trailer you will need. Equipment trailers come in a number of diverse lengths, widths, and capacities. In order to make the right decision you must first know the equipment you will be hauling and how much the equipment weighs.


Equipment trailers for commercial vehicles can be found at a wide range of vendors. Trailer equipment is offered for sale from numerous manufactures both online and off-line. No matter where you shop, you will need to know the weights of what you are hauling and the weight of the equipment so that the equipment trailers match your requirements for weight, size and are suitable to your vehicle with ease.

Do a good search in the local newspaper, yellow pages of the phone directory and online to find the commercial vehicle service garages nearest to your location. Contact the garage, either by email or phone, to find out if they are able to sell you the equipment trailer that you need.

Tell them the make and model of your vehicle, the size trailer that you are searching for to buy and the intended use for the trailer.

Most service garages will want to connect the tow-bar and then attach the trailer, but this comes at a further price. No matter whether you get the garage to mount it or not, or you buy your own equipment from them then you should ask them to show you how to attach and unattach the trailer from the tow-bar.


Search the internet for the equipment trailers that you need.  For example, if you need a trailer capable of carrying a 25 feet boat, type “25 foot boat car trailer”, and browse the results.  But, there are several disadvantages when purchasing equipment trailers on the internet.

  • First, trailers are large and heavy.  So, delivery for these heavy items can drive the overall expense up considerably.
  • Second, when ordering online equipment trailers means that you will not be able to view it personally, unless you have seen the exact model of trailer some other time, and then ordered it online.  The negative point here is that you cannot get a good estimation of the trailer’s shape and size, or how the trailer is attached and unattached.

But before you order online or buy off-line it is important that you know the weight of the equipment that you will be hauling as well as the vehicle that will be towing the trailer.

Informed Buying

It is important to remember when buying equipment trailers that the most important aspect is to be an informed buyer. Ask tons of questions. Any reputable dealer will be glad to answer any questions and in fact, should ask you a lot of questions regarding the intended cargo load.  Inquire about warranty.

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