Don’t Ignore the Power of Motor Oil!

Listen up, car buffs: we know how big you are into performance. You want to get the best paint, the best lights, the best pipes, the best engine mods…the list goes on and on. But there’s one thing that you’re probably leaving off the list: motor oil. Won’t any oil do in your engine? Not at all. In fact, you may be leaving safety and performance off your list by just picking any type of oil that comes along. We’re going to talk about a few things here, but it’s all leading to one common goal: a better running car that’s safe, too!

Motor Oil

Know Your Oil Types

Oil is used to keep the engine running smoothly by lubricating all of the parts. Without oil, the engine would get too hot and simply seize up. In the cooler and colder months, oil keeps things moving. So without oil, the engine would still freeze up, unable to move because the heat transfer isn’t at the right ratio.

There are essentially two main types: synthetic and conventional motor oil. The full synthetic oil is considered the top of the line, as everything’s been engineered for high performance. It’s considered to be more expensive, but the gains you get using this oil will usually be superior to convention motor oil. The conventional motor oil is usually what most of your automakers will recommend and it’s not bad oil either. It’ll get the job done at an affordable price, which is basically what most people are looking for. Now, if you want the best of both worlds, you can get a blended oil that takes the best out of the conventional oil and synthetic oil to make a blend that will balance performance as well as longevity. Even though it’s not listed as a true safety component, we argue that a well running engine is a safe engine, which would make oil pretty important in terms of keeping the car running efficiently as well as safely.

Comparison Shop For Brand – and Price!

If you’re going to shop around, why not do it online? It doesn’t take long at all for things to show up in the post, so you might as well check into it now. We have a pretty good site to share, because you get to see just about every brand of oil that you could think of right there. Browse at your leisure, because online sites are open all of the time, ready and waiting for you. We like, because everything is laid out for easy navigation. Check out the different oils for your vehicle and then follow their easy ordering system. You’ll have great oil for your car that you can count on for the long run!

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