Do Rebuilt Transmissions Really Get You Back on the Road for Good?

If there’s one repair that car owners seem to dread, it would have to be a transmission replacement. It’s a costly car job that requires a mechanic to take a lot of their time away from other projects and focus completely on your vehicle. Not only do they have to take out the old transmission and put in the new one, but they need to test to make sure that everything has been installed properly. A new transmission is great, because it comes with a lengthy warranty and gives people the illusion that everything is going to be just fine. Even if it’s not, they feel confident that they’ll be able to get a replacement shipped off to them, and everything will be well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really true in real life. A new transmission can have problems, and you’ll have to still pay for someone to replace it. What if there was a way to take care of the old transmission and just put in a cheaper one?

There is: meet the rebuilt transmission. What do we mean when it comes to a rebuilt transmission? Well, it means a component that’s been fixed with new gaskets, seals, and other parts. The rebuilt transmission is often far cheaper than the “new” transmission. We put new in quotes because a lot of manufacturers aren’t putting out truly new parts. They’re just cleaning them up at the factory level instead of the aftermarket level so they can charge a lot more for the product.

A completely rebuilt transmission is great because care has been taken to strip it down and built it all the way back up the right way. While a transmission is going to be expensive no matter what, these remanufactured or rebuilt transmissions are far cheaper than their so called “new” counterparts.

Are there any disadvantages of these rebuilt transmissions? Yes. If you’re getting a rebuilt transmission, there may be some shortcuts taken in order to give you this legendary good price. The warranty will also be shorter with a rebuilt transmission instead of a new one. The use of old parts can cause the system to break down faster, or for the transmission to have leaks.

No matter which choice you pick, make sure that you go forward carefully. The right decisions can make all the difference in how you enjoy your vehicle.

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